Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hypocrisy Blotter of the Day

#1 INDIANAPOLIS - Indiana Republican Rep. Mark Souder acknowledged an affair with a staffer Tuesday and unexpectedly announced his resignation, giving Democrats a chance at capturing what many had thought was a safe Republican seat.

The eight-term congressman apologized for his actions but provided no details.

"I am so ashamed to have hurt the ones I love," he said at a news conference in Fort Wayne. "I am sorry to have let so many friends down, people who have worked so hard for me."
His resignation is effective Friday.

UPDATE: Fox News has identified Souder's mistress as Tracy Jackson, an aide in his Indiana district office. Video has surfaced of Jackson conducting an "interview" with Souder about a hearing on abstinence education.

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#2 Democratic Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal has conceded he has "misspoken" in claiming he served in Vietnam but defended his military record and his commitment to veterans.

At a news conference backed by veterans, the popular Connecticut attorney general said he meant to say he served "during Vietnam" instead of "in Vietnam." He called it a matter of "a few misplaced words" that were "totally unintentional."

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#3 Bristol Palin has signed with a speakers bureau for a tidy sum of between $15,000 and $30,000 per speech, RadarOnline reports.

[UPDATE: Palin family attorney Thomas Van Flein confirmed with the AP that Bristol Palin has signed a deal with the bureau and that is indeed her fee range, but said the cost may be adjusted based on her target audience and the preparation required for a particular speaking engagement.]

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Bristol Palin ought to go home and raise the baby she already had. She was unmarried and having sex. She's the last person who should be speaking on abstinence, as she didn't practice it and has profited hugely as a result of behavior that would send Republicans howling into the woods had it been a Democrat's daughter. No role model she!


& #4 Half-Governor Sarah Palin crashed twice-Governor Wally Hickel's funeral today. Trust me, if Sarah Palin was paying her respects, the check would bounce. The guest list was impressive with many Alaskan dignitaries. And then there was Palin with her daughter Piper, the 8-year-old human shield, in tow.

[Shannon Moore's friend], Geoffrey Dunn asked Hickel last year for a formal, on-the-record response to Palin's stunted career as governor. Dunn wrote, "He took a deep pause. "She fell in love with the national spotlight and lost her ethical compass," he said thoughtfully. "That was a sad day for Alaska and America."

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Why the crap is Piper never in school? If Birthers want to see Obama's birth certificate, then I want to see Palin's teaching certificate for home-schooling her "human shield." Boy howdy, watch that kid rebel like crazy in about 8 years.

Oh, and Arizonans?

Not you, Sarah Palin. Only real ones that get their mail here need apply.


I think we're all forgetting something here.

The eleven men who died will receive no compensation, even though their claims are about as "legitimate" as they get. BP is going to use that adjective to screw the guys whose businesses they destroyed, whose environment they destroyed, and whose lives they killed.

It will be just like the Exxon Valdez.

And here's how the Supreme Court, who says that corporations are people too, decided to screw the little guy.

Some are dead, and died without compensation of any variety.

"They're going to be hurt. Those people are going to be suffering because their economy is going to be shot for a year or so," he said. "It took 20 years before the final round was played out with Exxon, in terms of lawsuits, and then they cut back the initial amount. Not many people got much. A lot of people in 20 years have died, lost their boats and permits. It just really screwed up a lot of people's lives."

At least Louisiana knows what's coming.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Hits?

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