Monday, August 25, 2008

Why Hillary PUMAs need to Suck It Up.

So Hillary wasn't vetted for the job of Vice President. Boo-hoo. To me, she was never a legitimate contender for the spot, and I would have written in a vote had she won the nomination. She will never have my support until she does the one thing Joe Biden has already done: admit that his vote to authorize the Iraq was in 2002 was a mistake.

If she runs in 2012, I will not support her, even though I think she's a great Senator for the state of New York, and for America. If Barack gets two terms and she runs in 2016 I will not support her then either, unless she has learned the value of admitting mistakes. We've had eight years of an administration that has yet to admit that mistakes even exist, much less that they make them ("heckuva job, Brownie!") and I will not allow myself to support another righter-than-thou hack.

As for you bitter old women who feel that Hill was "robbed" out of her rightful place in history and are now going to vote for McCain, well, here's a little eyeful from

Voted NO on $100M to reduce teen pregnancy by education & contraceptives.

Vote to adopt an amendment to the Senate's 2006 Fiscal Year Budget that allocates $100 million for the prevention of unintended pregnancies. A YES vote would expand access to preventive health care services that reduce unintended pregnancy (including teen pregnancy), reduce the number of abortions, and improve access to women's health care. A YES vote would:
  • Increase funding and access to family planning services
  • Funds legislation that requires equitable prescription coverage for contraceptives under health plans
  • Funds legislation that would create and expand teen pregnancy prevention programs and education programs concerning emergency contraceptives
Reference: Appropriation to expand access to preventive health care services; Bill S.Amdt. 244 to S Con Res 18 ; vote number 2005-75 on Mar 17, 2005

Yeah, McCain's a great choice for those who are disappointed by Hillary's loss. Asses.

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