Monday, December 1, 2008

OK, I give up. I'm obsessed.

I've realized that the majority of this blog has contained articles about Sarah Palin. I can't even help myself- I find this woman to be a fascinating combination of the worst that politicians have to offer us, and the clearest portrait of how celebrity can suck a person's soul dry.

political- Sarah's in deeper trouble than she realizes, but only if the Alaskan legislature retains its collective scrotum when it reconvenes in January. This Troopergate thing is not really going away, and I wish it wouldn't. I can only hope that Alaska has more fiber in their system than does the American legislation- I fear Bush will never be held accountable for his war crimes. However, he may be punishing himself; it looks like he's started drinking again. Can't say as I blame him- if I were him I'd be drinking too.

celebrity- However, Sarah is shameless- and hasn't spent a single day in her state's capital since the election. "My prediction is that for at least the next two years Sarah is going to keep her show on the road because that will be a lot more fun than being Governor of a backwater state that spends most of its time as far out of the limelight in which Sarah has been basking as North and South Dakota do." -Donald Craig Mitchell

The above-referenced article is lengthy, but lays out a great analysis of Sarah Palin, Political Critter. I devoutly hope for her public shaming- it will renew my hope that America just doesn't put up with bullshit, no matter how pretty the bag it comes in.

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