Tuesday, January 20, 2009

*Snicker* I got banned from Redstate.com!


Check out the thread that I got excised from the site for (I'm posting as Darwinita)

In case you didn't know, Redstate.com is where the 23% flat-Earth Bushfans go to mourn and grouse. I went there today simply to see how sour the grapes were, but man oh man, the fact that Moe Lane actually kicked me off the site for expressing a dissenting opinion only makes me glad all over again that people like that aren't in charge any more.

Seriously, they booted me from the site because I disagree with them. It's their site, and they have every right to show just how cowardly and lame they are.

Can't stop laughing- for all of Huffpoo's flaws at least they don't ban people for DISAGREEING with each other. Interesting tactic to note: instead of my name, the Webmaster changed it to some load of sh*zer about FISA. Sure that was annoying, but if that's the only bit they can come up with then that's pretty sad.

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