Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sarah Palin Wants To Run in 2012- When the Mayan Calendar Ends. I'm Just Sayin'.

Sarah Palin has a PAC now. I can only hope that the body politic of America will expel this infection from itself so that we can continue to undo the damage of the Neocons. However, in the meantime Sarah gets to run all over the country (read: NOT in Alaska) promoting whatever the hell her political agenda (read: self-aggrandizing horsesh*t) actually is.

From Alaska Daily News:

... it {also} allows Palin to more easily differentiate between her political activity and her gubernatorial duties, Pryor said. She can use the money raised by the political committee to donate to other like-minded candidates or to incur travel expenses on behalf of them. She also can use it to pay for her own political activities unrelated to her official job.

So Palin, for example, can use money raised by the committee to attend two upcoming political events outside Alaska, Pryor said.

Really, how much time has this woman actually spent in her state, running the people's business? Not so much, according to The Mudflats:

I think it’s time to dust off those “Where’s Sarah?” buttons. The legislature has worn them before to acknowledge Palin’s Juneau-phobia. And yes, both the Alfalfa/RNC trip and the CPAC trip will happen during the 90 day Legislative session.

So even if she's not tapping the Alaskans for her trip money, she's depriving them of the services of an active governor. And what about her damned kids not being high-school dropouts, really?

In the wee hours of 2008, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wanted everyone to know that both daughter Bristol and her fiance, Levi Johnston, parents of Palin's new grandson, Tripp, are not high school dropouts. "You need to know that both Levi and Bristol are working their butts off to parent and going to school and working at the same time," the former Republican vice presidential nominee told People magazine in a phone message on New Year's Eve. "They are certainly not high school dropouts."

Palin was also in touch with the Associated Press and the Anchorage Daily News to complain about what she said were erroneous reports that Johnston had dropped out of school. The source of those reports? Possibly Levi himself. In October, the Associated Press interviewed Johnston and reported that he had left school to work as an apprentice electrician. Palin issued a statement Wednesday clarifying that Johnston is "continuing his online high school work" while he does the apprentice thing.


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