Tuesday, February 17, 2009

God Wants Your Knees Crossed? Really??

Then where did all these adolescent/horny teenager feelings come from, Mommy? It's the Devil? you say? So if I am strong against Satan I can stay pure?

Maybe not so much. Bristol Palin came out and blasted abstinence-only sex education, the biggest waste of money since the D.A.R.E. program/ war on drugs, as "not realistic," which would explain both the size and timing of her family's birthday list.

This poor girl's face when she says she "doesn't want to get into it" screams of what she's seeing in her mind's eye at the time, which would be her getting into it. The problem is that no matter how much we tell teens that they should wait, they rarely do. There will be the religious, but they have another avenue to channel all that hormonal energy- they sublimate it into God. Or they don't and they play sports really hard. Or they play sports really hard and attract people who get all excited by a hero's attention that....

but let's not get into it.

However, were we to discuss human sexuality with as much embarrassment as we do human psychology (i.e. none at all) then children wouldn't be shamed. Kids would know what the consequences of their choices would be. There would be adequate and available protection for free. Honestly? A goldfishblowl full of condoms in the nurse's office by the door would cut down on the number of girls dropping out because they're knocked up. I haven't had any this year, but I had three or four the last two previous. They say they're psyched, but if they knew now what they knew then, would they have reached for the protection? Maybe the knowledge alone would have kept the pants zipped.

Or if they took the plunge, they might be less scared, and that child would have a parent's laser-focused attention on them to see that they did become a real human someday.

Maybe we wouldn't be heading towards eleven billion people on the planet in the next hundred years.

Maybe it would be quality, not quantity.

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