Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McCain Employing GOP Operative Accused Of Voter Registration Fraud

So, the Rovian attack technique has been honed so sharp it's cutting itself. Every time the McCain campaign points a finger at Senator Obama, it ends up pointing itself right into trouble. First, there were the Reverend issues; Wright ended up looking mighty sane and stable after seeing Hagee and the witch doctor's separate antics with both halves of the Republican ticket. Then, when that didn't stick, they trotted Bill Ayers out. This didn't work, since McCain has G Gordon Liddy hanging around his neck, and Sarah pals around with (read: married to) a member of an organization whose sole purpose was to secede from the union! If that ain't anti- American, then there is no such thing. Finally, the voter fraud issue: Acorn, whose paid flunkies tried to weasel out of actually working to register voters, filled out a bunch of crap. They handed the crap in and got their eight bucks an hour, whatever. The difference is that Acorn handed all the forms in, whereas this asshole's organization actually threw registrations they didn't like (read: Democratic) into the trash.

If McCain were to shut up, maybe he could stop the precipitous slide into hell that his campaign has become; every time he tries to open his mouth he just punches himself in the face. Sad.
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r@(#e! said...

You lean so far to the left that I fear you will fall.

Lavender Pitt said...

hee hee yup.