Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Memo To Media: The Palin Rape-Kit Story Has Not Been "Debunked"

For the sake of mothers, daughters, sisters- this callousness is part and parcel of of the same callousness that led her during the debate to gloss over Biden's genuine moment at the mention of his family's tragedy with a load of maverick-ey.

She is not a woman's friend.
The fact that her role in the policy is ambiguous is exactly why we need unfettered access to putting her little toes to the journalistic fire. She has no right to aspire to the pinnacle of the American Experiment without the American people knowing exactly where she stands, and how she emotes when she stands there. I want to watch her reaction to a true press conference such as will be the DUTY of an executive of this land.

She staggers me. Truly. I am facinated with the political creature she is, and the environment that formed and shaped her. Once she's no longer a clear and present danger, we as Americans and those fascinated with history will have the leisure to explore her and vet her entirely.
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