Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Before the Thrilla in Manilla

I bet Muhammed Ali was wound up too. The press have been warning of Palin's "glittering generalities," in which she blankets her response time with filler static that connects with the audience so that they feel that they "could have a beer with ole Sarah Six-pack. The bar of expectation has been set so low that if she shows up and actually speaks in coherent sentences the Republicans are going to claim a win for her.

Even if she shows up and "holds her own" she's going to lose, since McCain is killing his own campaign with his monkeyshines this week during the economic meltdown negotiations. If she Courics it up, then that will simply kill the Republican's hopes all the sooner. Is it wrong, after eight years of screaming incompetency, to hope that they eat their hearts out?

Stay tuned for tomorrows hijinks!

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