Friday, September 26, 2008

The First Presidential Debate

6pm- Keith Olbermann confirms the presence of both candidates are in the building.

Moderated by Jim Lehrer

they're slipping some of the economy in, along with the theme of foreign affairs.

Obama takes the first go a tthe economic question right off the bat. MCain isn't laying down the principles to fix it like Obama did. (4 points) He's blathering about bipartisanship and brings it back (indirectly) to drilling oil.

Obama brings it to regulations. He's going to tee off on McCain's record, shortly.

what the hell does world war two have to do with whether or not he's going to vote for the plan?

McCain hasn't answered a question directly yet. (6:15)

6:18 now it's tit for tat on government spending.

6:31 McCain isn't answering how he would change his priorities, but Obama's dodging a bit too..

6:36 cucumber & ranch dip mmmmmm.... WHy isn't Obama going after McCain's record? Take the reins and go on the attack??

ahhh, there we go. 90% agreement with bush bush bush

mcCAIN's blathering about iraq and the success of the surge-
obama better come back with the fallacy of the iraq war all together...

6:42 ok he did. Home run!

6:48 still talking about Iraq, and the surge and whether or not the whole thing was necessary or not

6:52 moved on to afghanistan. THey're pretty much tit for tat still- this will be decided in the media... American voters need to decided between two totally different views.

THe Huffpoo liveblog is pretty good...

6:59 M Cain's distracting with the soldier/bracelet story... "I've got a bracelet too," says Obama.

7:08 McCain can't pronounce Ack madinijas (sp)

7:17 Steve from TVNewser: Scorecard from CNN HD analysts (two libs, two conserv. two independ): 34 positive for McCain, 52 positive for Obama THis is the merits versus rhetoric thing. Could it be that merit wins out?

7:20 Why won't Lerher shut McCain up? He's running all over this thing.

7:22 We've moved from Iraq to Afghanistan to Pakistan to Iran and now on to Russia- McCain's winning on sheer rudeness of debate rules. This moderator is LOUSY. Total empty chair.

7:24 Finally Obama brings up McCain's record 23 votes against alternative energy.

Barack Obama is on the defensive, performance-wise

7:31 we're now overtime. Obama's finishing by reminding us that Bin Laden is still out there, and brining up the trillion dollar debt we owe China, and they're helping those we deal with...


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