Friday, September 26, 2008

Asshat of the Week

Delusional Arrogance in Action. This ad was pulled from a screenshot of the Wall Street Journal online.

Ye gawds. Here's the list of bone-headed moves that McCain pulled this week.

He suspends his campaign, but forgets to tell any of his field operatives, who keep operations running as usual. Senior moment or example of mendacity?

He bails out of the debate, declaring that the economic situation was far more important and that his presence was needed in Washington. Washington, who'd been working on it just fine all week without him, gets all derailed, and the deal they'd worked goes right down the pooper. Chris Dodd dismissed John McCain's arrival and participation as a "photo-op" and "political theater." I thought he was being generous.

Today he bails back into the debate, realizing that all he's done is paint himself into a corner- if he ditches the debate he gives Obama and hour and a half of free primetime television coverage, and showing up makes him insincere and waffly.

Stick a fork in this poor bastard- by the time he's done, only the dyed-in-the-wool koolaid drinkers are going to vote for him. This election is way too portentious to not choose the best man for the job, putting all kinds of ideologies, religions, and second-tier issues aside. Our country's infrastructure is collapsing around us, and this guy's worried about spending more money on the failed Iraq war.

(Screw the Iraqis. It's time for us to put America first, and let them stand up or not, as they're able. )

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Good call. Do you mind if I cross post this on to my blog? I will give you proper credit.

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