Sunday, September 7, 2008

Jam For Us Today, None For You Tomorrow

I am very strongly against the slut-shaming spectacle to which Sarah and Bristol Palin have been subjected. This continues the disturbing virulent misogyny directed at Hillary Clinton. No woman should be a target for this kind of bigotry and hatred.
Posted by: Zrusilla | September 02, 2008 at 10:49 PM

This is in response to an article con the California NOW blogsite that really questions whether or not the newly-minted Republican acceptance of teenage pregnancy is political hypocrisy or merely dangerous to the reproductive rights of women everywhere (it's both).

Abstinence-only sex education has never worked as well as informed and sober discussion of sex and its consequences. If a girl making a big choice on the cusp of womanhood has been denied relevant, scientific information on human sexuality and disease-preventative measures, then using the sanctity of life to force her down a path she may not be ready for is a cruelty that the Republican Party wants to legislate and judiciate down our throats as a nation.

What hasn't been discussed as much is the unfairness to ole Levi, the boyfriend in these circumstances. Quite frankly, does anyone think that he is enjoying the consequences of that sweaty evening in the backseat? Based on his former myspace page comments, I seriously doubt it. I mean, honestly, sporting a new tattoo and canoodling with your infant to-be brother-in-law is never going to convince anyone that you're not feeling like a fly in amber, watching the world around you drip over your life and freeze you where you are.

If these two are the product of abstinese only sex-ed, then please Lord, educate them chidrens

PS: this is hilarious

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