Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Panic at the Disco

In 2000, Al Gore was too polite to come back to the dirty tricks of the Right, and George Bush won (albeit by theft). In 2004 John Kerry was too weak to combat the lies of the swiftboat bullshit. I feel a sense of desperation building amongst the Democrats of my acquaintance; are we really going to be too nice to win? If John McCain wins this election, this country will deserve the resulting chaos that it will reap.

John McCain's ads are full of lies, and the lies are starting to stick. This puts the Democrats at a distinct disadvantage, since the base will discount it, the Republicans will buy it as gospel, and the Independents will be left to filter through the noise and static that results. Obama wants porn in the classroom? Sounds like a great ad. Obama's going to raise taxes everywhere? No problem, get it out there. For some reason, the lies are starting to stick, whereas the truth is dismissed as unimportant. It's enough to break your heart.

What kills me is Obama's lack of punch back. I want him so much to stand up and scream to the world that these are lies, lies, lies, and that theses people are simply selling a bill of goods to the American people yet again, and that we can't let fear blind us to the damage that the Republicans will do yet again. Why will the press not expose them for what it is?

ABC's softball interview is going to be a load of crap. Gibson isn't going to hold her toes to the fire, and this is a symptom of the spinelessness of the current media. The intelligentsia is all on the net, both on the left and the right, and the sheeple who rely on the mainstream media are being led around by the nose.

I wish relying on facts and records were enough for people to see through the spin and lies that is the Republicans' stock-in-trade; I wish national election were run like state elections in Arizona. Keep them clean, and give them free air-time on an equal basis, and no outside money at all!

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