Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wicca is one thing, State Witchcraft is another

Hooray! Sarah Palin has her own Pastor Problem. This is equal-opportunity stupidism, but let's be serious. It's one thing for a Reverend Wright to rail against America's policies, but when you throw Reverend Hagee's anti-Semitic rants and Rev. Thomas Muthee's cries for God in the Departments of Education and the Hollywood Establishment (read: Jews) then we have a more fundamental problem. While Reverend Wright had no business using his pulpit as a place to castigate his country from, I find it more disturbing that this snake-oil salesman wants to inject God into the running of government. Hollywood is more than capable of resisting religious dogma- "The Passion of the Christ" may have done landslide business, but I honestly went to see it to measure the splatter patterns. Is that wrong?.

Witchcraft? Really? The only witchery I see here is the determination by this lil updo-wearing Governor is to inject her close-minded world-view into the American political structure. That is unacceptable.

The following is pulled from Mudflats, and Alaskan blog that has been ballooning into national prominence as a result Palin's nomination.

Palin and the Witch Hunter - Chapter II.

25 09 2008

We have not seen the last of the witch hunter. We know Pastor Thomas Muthee was back in Wasilla this past weekend, and I posted a link previously of Sarah Palin recounting the time that Pastor Muthee had prayed over her, but now a video of the actual event has surfaced. Do not, I repeat do not watch this if you plan on sleeping any time soon. It’s a long clip, but here are the highlights:

2:57 - First mention of Sarah

5:00 - We need God to ‘take over the education system.’

5:27 - We need God to ‘take over the media’ and Hollywood itself.

6:08 - We need the government run by born-again Christians.

6:58 - Praying for Sarah to become governor (Doesn’t this impact their tax-exempt status? Anyone?)

7:12 - Sarah herself enters and is “prayed upon”.

8:38 - Another witchcraft reference.

Oh boy. The suspension of Mcain’s campaign, the beyond devastating Couric interview, Return of the Witch Hunter and the takeover of every facet of society by God, and the (strangely credible these days) National Enquirer releasing a story about an affair with Todd’s business partner…all in 24 hours. Not a good day for the McCain-Palin campaign.

It appears as if Pastor Muthee is working hard to fulfill the vision statement of his church, known as “The Prayer Cave”:

“Touching lives for total community transformation, thereby taking cities and nations.”

Resistance is futile, Wasilla. You have been assimilated. I wonder if Palin mentioned “taking cities and nations” for God during her chat yesterday with Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai?

I’ll be sleeping with the lights on tonight.

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