Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It's the Economy, Stoopid.

"Just imagine if Bush and McCain had had their way and privatized Social Security," said Brown. "People would have seen their private social security accounts just disintegrate the last two days. And imagine what that would mean in rural America, urban America, suburban America and small town America?"
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Dear God, what a close shave we had with that one. Privatizing Social Security would have brought this economic meltdown home to a lot more kitchen tables than it's currently doing now, but at what cost? There'd be no damn food on the table; we would probably end up with breadlines just like we had during the Great Depression.

John McCain is a fraud. He's for responsible fiscal regulation and the "cleaning up of Wall Street and Washington" the same way the sea isn't very wet. Now that the Keating Five are coming up in conversation (and mark my words, we're less than 24 hours away from the national headlines reminding us of this piece of history) perhaps this "maverick" bullshit will finally be put to rest.
The Senator is too old, too sick, too bought and too paid for to be the President of the America I pray to see continue on into the future. His thinking is dead-ended and flawed; his approach is false and cynical.

Hell, he won't even tell us how sick he is; before ANYONE votes for this fossil, they should be aware of how close Palin is to seeing Russia nuked from her house.

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