Sunday, September 14, 2008

Psh. It's just too easy.

And the women of Alaska seem to agree with me. This is an amazing article covering the anti-Sarah-Palin demonstration that ' surely going to send a note along to ole Keefy to make sure he covers tomorrow. Like he's pay attention to ME. However, we need to make sure someone is paying attention to the women of Alaska:

"Never, have I seen anything like it in my 17 and a half years living in Anchorage. The organizers had someone walk the rally with a counter, and they clicked off well over 1400 people (not including the 90 counter-demonstrators). This was the biggest political rally ever, in the history of the state. I was absolutely stunned. The second most amazing thing is how many people honked and gave the thumbs up as they drove by. And even those that didn’t honk looked wide-eyed and awe-struck at the huge crowd that was growing by the minute. This just doesn’t happen here."

It does when a horrorshow like Palin shows up on the scene.
Read the whole story here.


Anonymous said...

Haha, that is an amazing article. I just read the whole thing and at the end of it there's a post script, the guys said that Eddie Burke was suspended for a week without pay. Did you look at the photos? Some good ones, especially of dumbass Eddie with his sign that says "Alaska is not frisco" (capitalization accurate to sign...). No shit, friggin idiot.

Powder Keg

Lavender Pitt said...

Thanks- I didn't know he'd gotten the suspension! Hurray!