Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Bristol can thank Jamie

Jamie Lynn Spears, that is, for putting her pregnancy right out there and not giving a crap what people think of her. The flagrant publicity Jamie received made Bristol, for good or ill, a target for attention. Precedent-setting is a bitch, ain't it?

Tough shit, there, Bristol (I actually like that name for a girl); both you and your baby have become political poker chips for your mom's campaign. Make sure you get her something nice for Christmas.

I really feel sorry for that poor girl- she's got to be an emotional trainwreck right about now. This morning Stephanie rightfully said that her mom totally threw her under the bus. How's that feel for your mom to do that to you? Damn.

Sarah Palin wouldn't make me nauseous if she stayed in Alaska dealing with things Alaskan- I'm sure she's a great Governor. She's certainly popular enough in her home state. However, she is so badly suited for national leadership it makes me ill. Not because of her daughter, or her daughter's pregnancy- but to know that she's a former recessionist? The stars & bars will fly high in bigots' hearts all over the country when that gets around.

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